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I loved that unmistakable smell and how the bread would stay crispy and fluffy for days.

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– Although GCT does not actually offer aerial data collection we do offer a wide range of aerial support services.

Those services include base station monitoring, Li DAR Check Point collection and the installation and location of photo control.

The sumptuous jewel flowers produced by Van Cleef & Arpels or Cartier, the astonishing yellow rudbeckia made by Blaschka father and son, the rare cyanotypes by Anna Atkins (the first photographs on a blue background dating back to 1845), the delicate Iris watercolors by Patrick Neu have filled us with admiration.

The garden is then considered from another point of view, that of wandering through alleys, groves, passages without forgetting the belvederes and the grand vistas designed at the scale of a landscape.

That of the Grand Palais avoids the obstacle by proposing an original and dense journey, full of developments, as it is interested in the garden as a botanical ensemble and artistic construction.

Garden art lays actually its first foundations during the Renaissance, in the light of excavations made on ancient sites such as those of Hadrian’s villa in Tivoli.

– Our background dating back to the early 1900's was founded on land surveying using the steel tape and transit on primarily boundary surveying.

Today we take pride in offering a wide variety of land based services.

We’ve talked about this in regards to the Focaccia bread—it’s a staple food we take for granted, but it has such a rich background, dating back to 300 BC, since Egyptian times.

Of course, we used to buy our bread, but there were these special occasions when we would make it at home, with our very own authentic Italian bread recipe.

Quality local produce, crafts and gifts are sold within the centre.

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