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Hotkeys: left/right arrow key - change camera; shift right/left arrow key - change apartment; f - full-screen mode.

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And while Dunham herself, unlike the inert characters she plays on screen, had managed to translate her emotional turmoil into adored cultural artifacts, she shares with her creations the same firm belief that she deserves to be heard. With such tall trees, the young apples strive not to fall too far.

“I don’t want to be a makeup artist, and I don’t want to be a massage therapist, and I don’t want to be a day hostess,” Dunham’s character tells her mother—a successful photographer played by Laurie Simmons, Dunham’s real-life mother and, well, a successful photographer—in .

That’s because isn’t a poorly made show; it’s a poorly made moral decision, a decision to remain at the still point of the turning world and retreat into a world that’s hardly larger than a Brooklyn neighborhood where no one has any sense of agency or urgency or dignity or grace., her largely autobiographical mumblecore film about being a recent college graduate loafing about in her mother’s Tri Be Ca loft and searching not so much for something to do as for someone to become, Dunham was celebrated, from the very first, as a bard of her time, a designation with which she seems largely comfortable.

In her show’s first episode, she declares to her parents that the memoir she had written—it’s short, she admits, as she’s yet to have done anything of note—might mean that she’s the voice of her generation, or at least a voice of a generation. It’s better understood as an anthropological field note.

There were those who wanted to keep believing Adam was the lovable weirdo who crossed a line but should be forgiven and those who wanted him arrested.

Adam's request that Natalia (Shiri Appleby) get on her knees and crawl to the bedroom was not even a tenth as bizarre as some of the things he's asked Hannah (Dunham) to do, but while Hannah always appeared willing to go along with him, it was instantly apparent that Natalia was uncomfortable.

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, Lena Dunham’s Hannah Horvath submits herself to awkward, humiliating and—for some—realistic sex.

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