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The streets of Chinese cities that were once jam packed with cyclists have now replaced with cars.

The latest Signal release includes some changes to the way safety numbers work.

When were come for the ending drama,like this one..

We think it's a big improvement, and hope you will to.

Today's Signal release for Android and i OS includes beta support for video calls.

Here, instead of carefully managing your reputation, you can theoretically be 100% yourself.

As of October 2013, Whisper has earned 2.8 billion pageviews and boasts 4 million users, who collectively spend hundreds of millions of minutes on Whisper each month.Vacations in China are synonymous with heritage sites, idyllic locations, exotic cuisines and unforgettable adventures. When it comes to personal data, however, being vigilant and cautious...We recently released encrypted video calling as an opt-in beta.Strange, fun, nonsense, inexplicable…Habits of the Chinese can be called in different ways, but it is impossible to ignore their odd behavior!First, you wrinkle your nose, then you understand the hidden meaning of...We've spent the past month collecting feedback and addressing the issues that the Signal community found in order to get it production ready.

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