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For example, to implement SSN masking to show only the last four numbers, one would execute a statement against an existing table column: Dynamic data masking provides for four different built in masking functions (default, Email, Custom String, and Random) to meet virtually any set of requirements (see MSDN for details).

Row-Level Security (RLS) is a much anticipated feature of SQL Server 2016.

RLS allows for authorization control to be maintained based on any custom attribute and applied down to the row level.

Unlike dynamic data masking, it is a true security feature as it controls the ability to select, update, or delete the data itself.

Having data masking rules maintained within the database engine eliminates the need for redundant implementation across multiple apps and mitigates the risk of a missed (or inconsistent) implementation.

Turning on this feature in SQL 2016 only requires a single DML statement.

Prototypes namespace (though I'm not precious about that, it's something that was auto-added and worked while I didn't need to think about it).

At the top of Sample is the following (to enable access to some properties that the Master Page in theory, exposes.

I can fix this error and get the build going again by getting rid of the 'Project01.

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