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In 2007, in an apparent restructuring effort to reduce ongoing net losses in the face of double-digit stock price slips and patent infringement issues, Snyder resigned, and Citron returned as Interim CEO.

As part of its restructuring effort in 2010, Vonage paid off million of its debt at par, negotiated the release of more than million in cash from vendors and announced a comprehensive refinancing.

Comparison excludes promotional pricing, taxes and fees.

Plus, get great low international rates across the world.

* Price comparison based on published monthly recurring charge for unbundled unlimited nationwide calling plans from leading phone and cable providers.

I am a geologist, not technically inept, and quite capable of maintaining my own system especially with the help I get from the Forum.

This looks to me (not a network engineer) like a server problem. Dan Lynch We have Cox internet at home, and we have had some problems with it, although not exactly like yours.

Grandstream tell me that the default password is admin but that does not work, so I assume that V have changed it; does anyone know what it is? After many emails and phone calls, I have discovered that this is a known problem and occurs in the USA as well as here. I have also found out that no one in the service group knew that the so-called Vonage Box had changed; it was previously a Link Sys VDV22 and is now a Grandstream HT-701.

All the info on the website refers to the old box - no one has bothered to update it.When I do so, I see a window Grandstream Device Configuration and I am asked for a password.Presumably, therefore, it is possible to configure the device - maybe to set the time??Cox seems clueless, the first two tech support guys (maybe the same guy signing different names) could not tell the difference between OFF and slow. Specifically, from time to time (a few times per week), we would lose connectivity, and I would then have to power down the modem and router, then power up the modem, then power up the router.is a publicly held Internet telephony service provider, providing business and residential telecommunication services based on voice over Internet Protocol (Vo IP). Suma-Shadetree You're Hired ROM "Donald Trump" We proudly announce that our Donald has met the requirements to acquire his Register of Merit.

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