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En la primera línea tenemos un arreglo (array) con los nombres de las imágenes que queremos ir rotando. En la segunda línea cambiamos la propiedad de background-image de #fondo a una de las imágenes que tenemos en el arreglo.Usamos dos funciones matemáticas de Java Script Math.floor que redondea un número flotante hacia abajo al entero más cercano, por ejemplo 4.3 lo redondea a 4, y Math.random que nos da un número aleatorio, lo multiplicamos por la longitud de imagenes para que nos dé un número que esté dentro de ese arreglo.This gives you a personal copy of the repo on github. You'd do something like this Go into your project folder. At this point someone on the Web GL team will hopefully review your pull request.

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Como vemos podemos ser tan libres o específicos como queramos, y me falto mencionarles que si no nos importa la versión simplemente podemos colocar “*”.

Una vez que tengas configurado tu archivo con todos los paquetes que requiere tu proyecto es hora de que Composer haga su trabajo y lo instale para esto ejecutamos: [alert_green textalign=”left”]Tip: Si estás utilizando git para tu proyecto, probablemente quieras agregar vendor (o el directorio que hayas especificado) dentro de .gitignore.

I decided that nvmw not to build npm, but get zip archive from and extract it.

message UNKNOWN, unknown error 'C:\nvmw\v0.6.9\npm' npm ERR! C:\nvmw\v0.6.9\npm\npm not ok C:\nvmw\v0.6.9\npm C:\nvmw\v0.6.9\npm - Der Prozess kann nicht auf die Datei zugreifen, da sie von einem anderen Prozess verwendet wird.``` modified the batch file to skip the npm install and extracted from by hand, but although I get "now using v0.6.9", node -v still gives v0.7.1. This problem cause npm github branch tar-js is deleted and merge it master.

If it shows the same listing as git "ls-remote", you probably have configured your local repository as your remote 2) "git config --list".

Is "remote.origin.url" a link to the repository on the server or is it "."? If yes, change to the repository there and try "git log" (are there any commits listed at all? If no commits and no local branches, blame git svn.

Up until lately I have been improperly pulling my remote branches to local.

I am trying to setup a repository for use inside the LAN, but I have been unable to checkout any branch so far. The repository is being served from gitblit over https. Kendall -- To unsubscribe from this list: send the line "unsubscribe git" in the body of a message to [hidden email] More majordomo info at We are talking about two repositories, the local one you executed the commands from and the one on the server. refs/remotes/trunk I would have expected a listing of ... refs/heads/trunk and also a mention of the remote repository (did you remove that before posting? In refs/remotes you usually find references/pointers to remote branches whereas local branches are in refs/heads.

It's a distributed version control system and as such works quite differently than those older style systems. In a terminal type (replace This makes an alias, "upstream", for the official repo.

Once you get used to it you'll likely find it very nice but expect at least some amount of learning. There is already an alias, "origin", for your github repo. Don't get git branches confused with SVN or P4 branches. Lets say you want to fix the issue that we use green for tests and green passes RGB or BGR.

If you use either of these techniques you will usually find there's a conflict between your local branch and the one you pushed to Github for your pull request.

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