The caption may be totally innocent, but the pic collage of the adorable duo is what #Relationship Goals are made of.7.


Though they've been super tight-lipped about their romance and even denied it a few times, here are some obvious signs they're together.1. Tyga's Insta handle is King Gold Chains, and Kylie recently changed her name to King Kylie.

She even posted one of their super-secret dates on Snapchat, too.8. They delivered toys to sick children and fed the homeless during the holidays.

Here are the pros and cons of affirmative action MURRAY, KY—Adamantly stressing that his disdain for the 26-year-old quarterback is not based on any racial prejudice toward African Americans, local 49-year-old Michael Willet told reporters Friday that he would hate Cam Newton even if the Carolina Panthers star was a different minority.

JEFFERSONTOWN, KY—Expressing frustration at not having left the house sooner, local bigot Doug Weber, 43, was reportedly annoyed late Monday night after discovering that the mosque he intended to deface had been vandalized before he got there.

Looks like it’s just Perrie Edwards who’s enjoying singledom right now.

Noting that it would be nice to finally have a little spending cash on hand, both Pittsfield High School junior Marissa Klemp and chemistry teacher Rebecca Murphy applied for the same seasonal waitress position at a local diner, sources confirmed Thurs... CLEVELAND—Having watched in horror as their team crumbled after a 3-1 World Series lead, members of the Cleveland Indians expressed concern Thursday that the organization has been cursed for building their franchise on an incredibly old Native American stereotype.

NEW YORK—Regretting the missed opportunity, local Islamophobe Rob Alderson expressed disappointment Monday when the manhunt for the New York City bombing suspect concluded before he even had a chance to indiscriminately vilify the entire Muslim community.

The Supreme Court upheld a challenge to the University of Texas at Austin’s affirmative action program Thursday, reigniting debate over the merits of policies that favor members of groups frequently targeted by discrimination.

All this time it was owned by TOTALLYD Stian Husby, it was hosted by Webclusters for customers.

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