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Perhaps Sark will have to give up its independence and be absorbed into a larger entity. Perhaps we’ll just have to reduce the number of seats in Chief Pleas.

Concentrate even more power in even fewer hands of those who crave it, with even fewer checks on that power.

The conditions relating to the payment of prizes can be obtained from Gambling Control in Jersey and the Culture and Leisure Department in Guernsey.

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The island has spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on so-called experts to tell us how to run the island, yet will not listen to the free advice of on-island experts in the hotel catering trades.

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Accommodation permits are granted annually and all new accommodations are inspected before being allowed to take visitors.

In addition, those accommodations which provide meals for guests have kitchen inspections carried out by the Sark Public Health Committee and Guernsey Environmental Health Officers.

Perhaps we’ll then have to employ professional civil servants because the workload will be too much for these same ruling hands to do themselves – what with their ever-increasing desire to regulate and legislate.

Perhaps we’ll just have to raise taxes yet more to pay for these civil servants.

Having enjoyed an outing with my family on Liberation Day, my enthusiasm was shot down by yet another article in the Press featuring yet another attack on the working people of the island, and the disappointment that Deputy Roffey wants a width tax as a ‘reward’ to smaller-car drivers.

HAVE you noticed how some people in the States find it impossible to say sorry or even be wrong?

Nominate now @ for our #Pride Of Guernsey @Ravenscroft GB Angel of the Year & they could win a £1K prize Bh Nhj— GPress Business (@GPress Business) May 22, 2017 CLAIMS that occupied Alderney was being prepared to be a base for attacks on the UK using V-1 ‘doodlebug’ missiles, armed with warheads containing deadly chemicals, have been described as ‘utter nonsense’ by an expert on the island’s occupation.

With 17 years of foreign exchange expertise, you can rely on us for international payments.

Reproduced by permission of the Controller of Her Majesty’s Stationery Office and the UK Hydrographic Office (

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