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"Tahliah thinks he's unbelievably handsome," the insider said, adding that the pair were introduced by mutual friends.

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[Examples: "", where the show's stardate is stated in coversation as 47988, "", where Alexander gives his birthdate as stardate 43205, and many others.] Stardates do not replace clock time, which is still commonly used and often shown next to stardates on displays.

[Examples: "", where the computer tells Crusher that she arrived on the "Enterprise" on stardate 41154, followed by clock time, "", where we see clock time on a display showing Donald Varley's log.] Relationship to the Gregorian calendar Stardates are almost always used instead of explicit Gregorian dates such as gives the year as 2371 in the "Voyager" episode "Eye of the Needle".] They are used in the same fashion as Gregorian dates to identify a unique point in time.

The couple are said to have bonded of their shared love of music.

Robert has composed his own music in the past and sung on co-star Kristen Stewart for around four years before their split in 2012 following the revelation she had been unfaithful with director Rupert Sanders.

It was recently confirmed that divorce was something they have discussed, and the two would be living separately once he returns from deployment.

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