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Zagreb lies at an elevation of approximately 122 m (400 ft) above sea level.

In the last official census of 2011 the population of the City of Zagreb was 792,875.

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So when he finished down in the course in the official USSR qualifier for the world interzonal in Sweden, he used his contacts, citing his position in the 1950 world candidates for selection ahead of Lev Aronin. Here Karjakin (Black, to play) is a pawn down, with his king exposed and his a3 pawn seemingly stopped. White is out of checks and must give up his queen by 5 Bf3 Nf2 6 Qxf2 to delay mate.10912: It’s a queen sacrifice: 1 Qxg6 ! Akshava Kalaiyalahan v John Cox, Guildford v Barbican, UK 4NCL league 2016. Can you spot Black’s surprising next turn which kept the advantage and ultimately led to victory? He was the third seed in the world under-12,and in the penultimate round got this winning position with a chance to take on the eventual gold medallist in his final game. If dxc5 2 d6 and White will promote to a new queen.10895 1 dxc5! The black player was the No1 seed and hot favourite for the title.

Sharp practice indeed, but Kotov silenced critics by his runaway interzonal victory, unbeaten with a three-point margin over his nearest rival. Yet it required just one move to induce the living legend to resign. Sergey Karjakin v Magnus Carlsen, world championship match, ninth game, New York 2016. The 15-year-old British woman champion notched up another male scalp when she defeated an international master who is also the strongest ever player from Eton. Alas, Keymer missed the big opportunity when he chose 1...e3-e2 here. He had recently become the youngest international master in chess history, and had already won the world under-8 and under-10 crowns in previous years. White mates in three moves, against any defence (by Michael Mc Dowell, The Problemist 2014).

Leave London mid-morning, travel via Paris and either Zagreb or Budapest, and you'll be in Belgrade by early evening the next day, with modern high-quality air-conditioned trains throughout, see the video guide. It can cost little more than flying, yet it's a memorable travel experience not a soulless flight.

This page explains how to plan, book and make a train journey from the UK to each of these countries. All-Europe online train times: de It's easy, fast & comfortable to travel by train from the UK to Serbia, and there's a choice of routes and departures.

London to Belgrade & Novi Sad (Serbia) London to Skopje (Macedonia) & Pristina (Kosovo) Video guide, London to Belgrade by train Trains to Belgrade from other European cities Trains from Belgrade to other European cities Belgrade station facilities How to book trains in Serbia Visiting the city of Belgrade Hotel Moskva - the recommended hotel in Belgrade Belgrade to Bar on Marshal Tito's deluxe private train General European train travel information Luggage Taking bikes Taking dogs Useful country information - visas, currency, etc Hotels & accommodation Serbia: ZS (Zeleznice Srbije) & ZCG (Zeleznice Cme Gore), Whichever option you choose, by all means stop off on the way, each train is ticketed separately so it costs no more to spend an extra day in Paris or Munich or Budapest en route.

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White (to move) is a pawn down, but has serious compensation as his white army homes in on the black king. Viktor Korchnoi v Anatoly Karpov, 17th world championship game, Baguio City 1978. A small town in south-west France hosted the national title contest, and GM Edouard was one of the favourites. 6 Qf6 Kh5 7 g4 mate) 6 Qf6 Kg8 7 Qf7 Kh8 8 Qxe8 Kg7 9 Qf8 Kg6 10 Qf6 Kh5 11 g4 mate.10904 1 f4! fxg5 3 Rg1 followed by Rxg5 and the black pawns fall. Kirill Stupak v Nordirek Abdusattorov, St Petersburg 2016. At just 11 years and 10 months old, the Uzbek schoolboy achieved the youngest ever 2600-rated performance, the level of a strong grandmaster, in chess history.

Black’s hopes of a defensive fortress were rudely shattered by White’s next turn, and when Black realised its implications he resigned without further play. Eugene Znosko-Borovsky v Charles Gurnhill, Stratford-on-Avon 1924. This is another position from the collection of the worst blunders in championship history. He has a material advantage in today’s puzzle, but the line of black pawns stretches across the board while the black king blockades entry squares for the white rook. White (to play) made the considerable sacrifice of queen for bishop and knight to reach this position, where Black threatens to gain more material by f7-f6 since the g5 bishop is pinned against the g1 rook. Another position from the tournament where the 11-year-old Uzbek prodigy scored the youngest grandmaster result in chess history. Black (to play) launched a forced series of exchanges leading to a position where he had bishop and two pawns for rook plus a clear initiative which proved enough for an eventual win. Peter Roberson v Nick Pert, 4NCL Open, Newport Pagnell 2016. and Black resigned as there is no good defence to Qg6 .10898 1... His score of 7/9 included 4/6 against established GMs, and he played in the refined strategic style of the former world champion Anatoly Karpov.

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