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The explicit messages were discovered by the girl’s father, who notified police, the local CBS affiliate reported.

Some of the alleged abuse dates back, according to state police.

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He participated fully in the feeding, bathing, diapering and burping of baby Kevin. Respondent argues that the probate court “abused its discretion” in finding that termination of his parental rights was in the children's best interests. Respondent further argues that the probate judge should have disqualified herself after the 1991 hearing because she was biased against respondent.

She states Gary was very attentive to Kevin's needs. Termination of respondent's parental rights was clearly in the children's best interests.

Authorities launched an investigation in November after two teenage girls — ages 16 and 15 — said Sandusky solicited them for oral sex and nude photographs to be sent to his cell phone, according to a news release by the Pennsylvania State Police obtained by The Post.

Sandusky had been dating the child’s mother and lived in her home for about five years.

He was invited to a fish fry and pool party at Tarzana Ranch -- by that time part of the El Caballero Country Club -- by his friend Tom Scully.

Scully was dating Marguerite Corwin, a school chum of Joan Burroughs.

He had been a star centre on the University of Indiana football team, who had moved west to the University of Arizona and California for coaching jobs.

Students he had coached included John Wayne, Bob Steele and numerous other athletes who went on to become well-known actors.

She states that Gary paid no attention to Brittany's needs, but would hold her only when he wanted to hold her, not when Brittany needed attention. § 27.3178(598.19b)(5) creates a mandatory presumption that can be rebutted only by a showing that termination is clearly not in the child's best interest. Here, there was no evidence that termination of respondent's parental rights was clearly not in the children's best interests. Likewise, judicial remarks during the course of a trial that are “ ‘critical or disapproving of, or even hostile to, counsel, the parties, or their cases, ordinarily do not support a bias or partiality challenge.’ ” Id.

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