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Or maybe they’re great people, but they just don’t quite click. Remaining friendly, cordial and compassionate with people we don’t have a lot in common with is a part of life and being a faithful member of any community, but we need friends we can be our true selves around.

People who support us, our parenting styles, and most importantly, laugh at our incredible jokes.

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Speed Dating is a fun way to meet the man or woman of our dreams, but can it help us find more than a lover?

As most of us desire romantic love and partnership, many of us have a burning desire for something else outside of romance.

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Refused hollywood pic hide this fact from him models for yourself.Hervé Bloch, fondateur de la société Digilinx, organise depuis quelques mois les Digilinx Dating, un service basé sur le fameux Speed Dating à l’origine de nombreuses rencontres amoureuses.Aujourd’hui, le concept est adapté et transposé au monde professionnel, 7 annonceurs rencontrent 7 prestataires référents du marketing digital sur différentes thématiques : acquérir du trafic, booster ses ventes en ligne, fidéliser ses clients et monétiser son audience. Chaque mois, autour d’une coupe de Champagne et de petits-fours, de nombreux acteurs se rencontrent et ont 10 minutes pour convaincre…Founder Robin Hieatt says she started a speed dating event for moms called Moms Matched after growing tired of awkward attempts at connecting with other moms at play dates and parks. But do we really need to make new friends in the same way we seek romantic relationships? Where it may have been totally natural for our moms to drop a pie off to the new neighbors next door, this type of “Howdy neighbor” mentality has been in slow decline.I can see myself in front of a woman I just met with a list of deal breaker questions: “If my toddler is a strong-willed nightmare, will you A) quietly judge me, B) pour me another glass of wine, commiserate and laugh at my tales of woe or C) act concerned and then suggest I lather both my baby and I down with essential oils? As technology connects us more and more through our computers and gadgets, we can often become disconnected with the people sitting right next to us in PTA meetings or park benches. Some of us are lonely as hell, simply because we’re at a different stage of life than our most beloved friends. Now it seems our neighbor is more apt to call CPS on us when our kids play in the backyard while we cook dinner than come over for coffee and keep an eye on them while we hop to the corner store for some milk.Des chiffres sur les Digilinx Dating : Certes, il y a des similitudes entre les rencontres amoureuses et les rencontres professionnelles, mais pour ces dernières rien ne doit être le fait du hasard.

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