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Introduction Secure Dynamic Updates TSIG-secured zone transfers DHCP Dynamic Updates Conclusion References Of all of the many network protocols we use in computer networking, DNS is one of the most fundamental and important.

The task of mapping domain names to IP addresses seems simple, and at first approach it is.

I can provide code samples in Perl because that's what I write in, but any other language and you're on your own. Specifically to create 'static' resource records like MX and TXT records.

perl updating zone files-16

/bin/bash # A Bash shell script to create BIND ZONE FILE.

# Tested under BIND 8.x / 9.x, RHEL, DEBIAN, Fedora Linux.

The problem with external dynamic DNS services like dyndns.org, no-ip.com, etc. Either they are free, but they expire after 1 month and you have to go to their web site to re-activate your account.

Or you pay for them, but then you need to take care of the payments, update the credit card info, etc.

# ------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Copyright (c) 2002,2009 Vivek Gite # This script is licensed under GNU GPL version 2.0 or above # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- # This script is part of nix Craft shell script collection (NSSC) # Visit for more information.

# ------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Examples: # ./default-www-IP-address # ./ # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Last updated on: Mar/24/2007 - Fixed a few bugs. Instead of using the internal hostname, I want to create the SOA and NS records using a globally available domain name.I can do this using Zonerunner from the web GUI but I want to be able to script it from the command line.DNS uses the UDP protocol which has no handshaking between clients and servers and is therefore quite susceptible to spoofing attacks.We no longer have a trusted Internet in which we can trust insecure services - there are malicious attackers that will do their very best to make users go to spoofed banking sites, to swamp everyone with spam, and generally wreak havoc.First, you need to customize configuration file as follows. Also, set your mail server and nameserver IPs using bash array.

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