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She has since had three brain surgeries, as well as “extensive psychological counseling, dental care to repair her jaw, treatment with eye and ear specialists to preserve her sight and hearing, and continued physical therapy.” Ridley was subsequently charged with the murder of another woman. Beckman is certainly a sympathetic plaintiff, and her tragic case of domestic violence is another reminder of why the Violence Against Women Act should be reauthorized.

Tort law, however, is not about sympathy, but rather responsibility.

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In their terms of service, the site also states users must agree to review their Dating Safety Tips. But after eight days, she ended her relationship with him.

Four months later, Beckman said Ridley broke into her garage and waited until she came home, stabbing her 10 times with a butcher knife.

These conclusions, made in support of her claims for “Negligence (Failure To Warn),” “Negligence,” and “Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress,” echo the language of duty typically found in negligent hiring / retention cases, the same claim at issue in the Annie Le case. That’s essentially what was alleged back in April 2011 by a woman who was raped by a man she met on

Notably,’s User Agreement requires arbitration for “resolving any dispute or claim arising out of or relating to … She didn’t request monetary damages in her lawsuit, though, just an injunction requiring screen subscribers against federal and state sex offender databases. I don’t think we need to answer that complicated question here, however, because of the simple problem: even if we has that legal duty, did not have any way of knowing that Ridley was a psychopath. Defendant MATCH has employed deceptive acts and/or practices directly affecting commerce by way of falsely advertising matchmaking services purporting to only facilitate happy and healthy relationships between its members. Defendant directly misled Plaintiff into believing that a subscription to Defendant’s services would result in a stable and loving relationship with another member, as Defendant’s advertisements portray only loving and healthy relationships. Defendant directly misled Plaintiff into believing that a subscription to Defendant’s services came with associated protections and safeguards that are absent in other internet based forums. §45(a)(1) claim, and for good reason: there’s no private right of action under the statute. See this footnote from a 2009 case collecting court opinions on the issue.

While in police custody, he confessed to the Beckman assault.

Ridley also informed his interrogators that a few weeks before stabbing and stomping Mary Kay Beckman, he murdered a woman in Phoenix. -- A Nevada woman is suing for nearly million after being brutally attacked by a man she met on the dating site.She later learned the man who attacked her confessed to killing another woman, Ann Simenson, whom he also met on In September 2010, Mary Kay Beckman, a 46-year-old mother of two from Las Vegas, met 50-year-old Wade Mitchell Ridley via the online dating service, The couple had eight dates before Beckman realized there was something wrong with him and ended the relationship.Here’s just one of the scams that plaintiff Gilbert Lau says he fell for: “On July, 2011 I met by online and NOT in person defendant Mercer in defendant site.

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