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"The young eaglets continued to thrive and develop into juvenile eagles" before fledging the nest in the spring, according to the site.This is Harriet and M15's second nesting season in Fort Myers.

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Then, 16 million people tuned in to watch Harriet and her former mate Ozzie raise two eaglets from their birth to fledge, according to the company's website.

This year, the stream has amassed more than 57,670,000 views so far, according to the site. The hatching process has begun," read a post on the eagle cam website Thursday afternoon.

Perfect for dogs that live in homes with pool or who just love to swim.

Learn more This is an intermediate 4 to 6-mile hike in the Santa Monica Mountains.

If you have been looking for that ideal place for your special companion, you have finally found it!

Our goal is to provide personal love, care and attention to your dog while you are at work or out of town.

“I ran over and started giving first aid” Dixon said, “and in the background he’s over there rolling, flipping out on the ground, throwing pine needles and pine cones. He knew what he had done, and found.” It was an emotional day for Bane’s handler, as a military veteran and law enforcement officer Dixon has seen a lot. “I have kids ya know, she’s so innocent and to think somebody like that would do something” Dixon said.

After the child was rescued, Deputy Dixon visited her in the hospital.

And every tool helps, even if its covered in fur, a little slobbery, and on a leash.

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