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She co-wrote the film The Girl's Guitar Club, and performs regularly in Los Angeles, notably with the Upright Citizens Brigade. Cool." Mary Lynn Rajskub was born and raised in Trenton, Michigan and later moved to Los Angeles. Show with Bob and David, and left the show after the second season when she and her boyfriend, Mr. She is also a skilled guitar player, forming half of the duo The Girl's Guitar Club (with Karen Kilgariff).Let me know if you find a place that sells it and I will share that information with everyone else in a front-page article.

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" booms Baker, laughing – there is no denying that voice acting in games has come a long way.

The days of games peopled by melodramatic characters delivering disjointed monotone lines, peppered with awkward silences are gone (give or take the odd French or British actor trying to affect an American accent in 2010's Heavy Rain).

I've acknowledged at different times in my blog that Roberts' performance in "A View to a Kill" wasn't ideal and that I think Priscilla Barnes (a much better actress who played Della Churchill in 1989's "Licence to Kill) would have been a preferable choice in the role.

(Barnes would have brought some nuances to the role that would have given it more gravitas and depth.) Nevertheless, I think that the level of vitriol directed at Roberts by some Bond fans through the years has become overstated and misplaced at times.

Since comedy is her main expertise, she has also starred in many comedy shorts for Will Ferrell and Adam Mc Kay's acclaimed website Funny Or Die.

On August 1, 2009, she married her fiancee, personal trainer Matthew Rolph, in Las Vegas.

One of the most reviled Bond Girls is former "Charlie's Angels" actress Tanya Roberts as California geologist Stacey Sutton in "A View to a Kill" (1985).

Whenever lists of the best or worst Bond Girls are put out by know-nothing magazine writers, she usually ranks at the top of the list in terms of being among the worst examples of what a Bond Girl represents.

I find both Roberts's performance, and the Stacey Sutton character itself, endearingly clumsy in the movie.

I've always felt that one reason why the Bond movies remain relevant all these decades later is because they are a cinematic Rorschach test in terms of tastes and perspectives.

We had a great run and I was sad that it was over, but it’s like “OK, it’s time to move on.

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