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However, it seems that in the developing countries, particularly in Iran, the architects’ tendency towards the concept of sustainability possesses some features of its own.Therefore, the foremost questions addressed in this study are: 1-what is the main feature of sustainability in Iran’s contemporary architecture?

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This study indicated an overall accuracy of 92.45% for wavelet-ANFIS model, 86.13% for wavelet-ANN, 72.23% for ANFIS model and 66.78% for ANN model.

In fact, hybrid wavelet-artificial intelligence models can extract the characteristics of the original signals (i.e.

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The environmental challenges, the significant effects of architecture, building manufacture technologies and the construction industry have caused the movement towards sustainable architecture to be considered as one of the most important and influential trends in the early years of the 21 century.

Sustainable architecture and compliance with environmental features have also been noted in Iran both in theory and practice.This study was carried out to evaluate the wavelet-artificial intelligence hybrid models to produce fractional snow cover maps.At first, cloud cover was removed from MODIS data and cloud free images were produced.And what criteria have been applied for its utilization?2- What sorts of sustainability- related considerations have been taken into account by the architects and building designers?Many of the elements you’ll admire today’s date to the 19th century, when local Qajari architects and artisans were looking to integrate traditional Persian style with elements of Western and Russian origin.

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