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Participation in commencement is required of all degree candidates, except in cases involving hardship.Students may officially petition in writing to the Office of Academic Affairs that the degree be awarded in absentia.Please send us an email and it will be appreciated.

Featuring articles, videos, interviews and opinion pieces DOWNLOAD APP12 April saw the culmination of an 8-month journey in which ~2000 applicants from 120 countries became 18 finalists, from which the 6 laureates of the 2017 Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards were selected.

INSEAD is proud to support this initiative, created 11 years ago to aid women entrepreneurs who develop businesses that put social impact first.

Listed on this page are great bible verses to quote on cards or letter for someone who just finished school or graduated.

If you have something to share to us under this category.

The development of a personal philosophy begins in nursing school.

Nurses incorporate our personal beliefs within our nursing practice and as we grow and mature as nurses and human beings our philosophy changes.

Students must have completed all degree requirements prior to the ceremony to be allowed to participate; those with requirements still outstanding at the time of graduation may request to participate in the next scheduled ceremony, provided all degree requirements have been met.

Candidates for Spring 2017 graduation who have been approved to take a course at another institution during their last 30 hours must submit official transcripts to the Registrar’s Office by Wednesday, May 10.

The reception will be held at the Marriott hotel in Kendall Square at pm.

Important dates: Early Registration Deadline: December 21, 2015. For more information please contact: [email protected]

Petitions should include your T-Number, the reason you will be unable to attend the ceremony, your current mailing address, and the address to which your diploma should be mailed.

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