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Last week a couple revealed they had become the first in Britain to file for divorce because of 'virtual' infidelity triggered by the game Second Life.Amy Taylor, 28, left her husband David Pollard, 40, whom she married in 2005, after she caught him cheating on her by watching his 3D character having sex with a prostitute in the game. But he didn't see it as a problem.'Microsoft says its new software would give it a major advantage in the highly-competitive computer games market.'People are effectively getting an entirely new console today,' said Neil Thompson of Xbox.

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The experience of living through another self is most powerful in so-called massively multiplayer online role-playing games, which enable thousands of people to interact simultaneously within the same three-dimensional virtual world.

In such settings, participants effectively become the avatars they’ve created, looking out through their eyes and engaging with other such beings.

Applying game theory concepts, the chatter bot views each conversation in terms of seven potential levels.

In each successive level, the conversational partner shows more interest in the bot.

Negobot is a AIML-based conversational agent that poses as a child on Internet chat forums and social networks and employs various sophisticated methods to draw out those who exhibit pedophile behavior.

Not only does Negobot use natural language processing and machine learning, but it also leverages aspects of game theory to achieve its goal of inferring if someone has a high probability of being a sexual predator.

The scene usually involves an animation or three (more on that in a moment).

Some people are all watching and clicking and no chat, while others may not care much about animations and are mostly fired up by the chat. Second, some stern reminders:- This entry is not about how to have sex with me.

Microsoft is set to challenge Nintendo and Sony with new 'virtual world' software released today.

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