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Last July, he found out that he wasn't the only one getting the silent treatment.

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And it’s so easy, you’ll be slinging new posters/invites/whathaveyou until the cows come home.

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Of course, you’ll have prepared for that turbulence with Cart3D, also known as Automated Triangle Geometry Processing for Surface Modeling and Cartesian Grid Generation. When it’s time for the bird to come back to the Earth, the Autonomous Precision Landing Navigation System might come in handy.

It combines camera images with elevation maps using methods “employed by cruise missiles for decades,” although you don’t hear a lot about safe landings by cruise missiles.

S., for instance), a contact you can hit up for more info and sometimes a dedicated site for the app or service.

Say you’re building a drone or satellite from scratch. You may want to start with the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems File Delivery Protocol, a standard tool for getting large files to and from spacecraft. Once you’ve got the imagery on the ground, you might want to put it through Pixel Learn, which lets you set rules about certain pixels and patterns, letting the program automatically find and categorize things like craters, buildings and so on.

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When he saw an ad for the dating site Ashley Madison, which boasted 36 million members and the tagline, "Life is short, have an affair," he decided to check it out. Everyday, he received more of these come-ons — until he finally said, "Fuck it." "I'm like, ' Hey, all these women want to talk with me,'" he recalls. As anyone who's dated online knows, this is not entirely unusual. "I just figured they're not interested anymore," Russell says.

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