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With both shallow and deep ends, this pool is widely accessible for all ages and capabilities. We have 3 diving boards of incrementing heights which provide a challenge for all skill levels.

We are committed to safety and we have fitted underwater CCTV in the diving pit.

In a draft paper submitted to Canadian Bar Review, Dalhousie law professor Elaine Craig says Judge Gregory Lenehan deserved much of the widespread backlash he received following the acquittal of taxi driver Bassam Al-Rawi in March.

"How could such a pornographic, hypersexualized account of human female behaviour arise in a legal proceeding in 2017?

" Craig said Lenehan overlooked substantial circumstantial evidence suggesting that the woman did not consent to sexual activity with Al-Rawi.

"The Supreme Court of Canada has been very clear that a woman cannot consent to sex if she's incapacitated, whether due to alcohol or otherwise, and that has been an important holding in our law," she said in an interview Thursday. John's are undermining confidence in the judicial system.

"That's why so few women report their sexual assaults to police in the first place.

For when you just want to relax, you can unwind in the sauna/steam room and a relaxation area.

Here you can take part in our Learn to swim programme which is for adults and children.

Members of the public should not approach anyone who they believe to be displayed in the images but should contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 and give the identity of the person shown, quoting the reference number accompanying the picture.

Alternatively send your information via this online form. The National Crime Agency (NCA) website features high-profile ‘wanted’ criminals who have been convicted or suspected of having committed serious crimes or terrorist acts across Europe.

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During Al-Rawi's trial in December and January, a police constable testified that she saw Al-Rawi shoving the woman's urine-soaked pants and underwear between the front seats.

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