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Under these definitions, many of the social structures of the world are authoritarian.

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These phrases sound well and good, but they just don’t hold up under closer inspection.

To explain how and why Jehovah’s Witnesses taught me the lesson of loneliness, I could talk about demographics.

When a person or ideology or group is what we call "feedback proof," meaning that no one or nothing external to the authority in the group can change things then it is authoritarian.

We also define authoritarian as any person or ideology that assumes they know what's best for others.

I've been to a ton of websites concerning JW and cult issues and I've book marked a few good ones, but yours is by far the best.

So much useful information, I don't even know how you compiled it all.The one thing that I learned from the first day I walked into their Kingdom Hall at age 5, and the one thing that is still with me over 40 years later.The one thing that I learned from years and years of attending their services and assemblies, from being surrounded by other Jehovah’s Witnesses, and from adhering strictly and faithfully to their teachings. Jehovah’s Witnesses taught me loneliness, and they taught the lesson well.We are a Christian ministry whose purpose is to equip and train Christians how to witness with the love and truth of Christ to those who are lost in the spiritual deception of the Mormon and Jehovah’s Witness religions. is a Christian 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and we are endorsed by: We have spent considerable time researching Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons (LDS) from inside these groups and have complied a valuable team of Christian Ex-Jehovah's Witness and Ex-Mormon volunteers to partner with our ministry.In 2006, our founder was given the privilege of authoring a brochure entitled, “10 Questions & Answers on Jehovah’s Witnesses” for Rose Publishing and later blessed to co-author with Ron Rhodes, Th.When you’re raised as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and you later leave the religion, chances are some will try to get you to return and become an active member once again.

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