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L’équipe pédagogique assiste les jeunes dans des actions de valorisation : les Olympiades des métiers, le concours général des métiers, le Prix du travail manuel…En 2011, deux apprentis représenteront l’Île-de-France aux 41es Olympiades des métiers en chaudronnerie et fraisage commande numérique.L’ambiance du centre AFORP de Mantes est chaleureuse : venez la découvrir lors des journées portes ouvertes.

; English translation: Silver) (Stylized as SEREBRO) is a Russian girl group formed by their manager and producer Maxim Fadeev.

The group currently consists of members Olga Seryabkina, Polina Favorskaya and Katya Kischuk.

Serebro was formed in 2007 as a submitted proposal for consideration by Channel One Russia for the Eurovision Song Contest 2007.

Serebro was selected to represent Russia at the 2007 Contest with the song titled "Song #1".

It wasn’t an easy time for the future heart-breaker of millions of girls.

Studying at day-time and rehearsing at nights, he worked as a shop assistant for his living.

He took part in Idol 2005, eventually finishing fifth, won the first season of Let's Dance, and scored a hit with his 2007 song "Cara Mia", which was his entry in that year's Melodifestivalen.

Zelmerlöw was the host of Allsång på Skansen from 2011 to 2013.

Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede co-hosted the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 held in Stockholm.

Zelmerlöw studied music in high school in Lund and was part of a school choir project.

To solve the question, the singer simply changed his passport and officially became Dima Bilan – as millions of his fans know him.

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