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Our expert services for commercial toilets and residential toilets include fixing leaky toilets, commercial toilet repair, toilet replacement, and waterless urinals.

Not only will a leaky toilet waste many gallons of water each month, but if left uncorrected it can lead to water damage.

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One of the most common problems is water trickling from the tank into the bowl.

Just jiggling the handle is a nuisance, and you’re still wasting water.Do you have a leaky, broken, or out-of-date toilet that needs taking care of?Whether residential or commercial toilet repair, ASAP Drain Guys & Plumbing has been the leading option in San Diego since 2001.A very frequent problem in homes is the loo not flushing properly. A cistern allows water in through a valve located just inside the cistern. Once the water is in the cistern, a flushing mechanism lets it out again.If the toilet worked properly and then stopped flushing despite how vigorously the handle is pulled, there are only two probable answers. Your handle is not connected to the flushing mechanism in the cistern. The most popular flushing mechanism is the toilet siphon.So don’t put it off, especially since most often it’s just a very inexpensive rubber flap valve that’s gotten old and dried out.

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