Dating elijah wood and dominic monaghan

And unlike certain megabucks stars — Tom Cruise, for instance — he’s not threatening to sue.

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The pics were posted to Monaghan’s Instagram account.

The first shows the quintet battling an off-camera foe using some improvised weapons, including forks and table knives.

All of this, Wood has endured good-naturedly and politely. Despite a morning of 12 television interviews back-to-back at the Corinthia Hotel, he is still opening doors for waiters, thanking everyone and pronouncing that everything is ‘wonderful’ or ‘delightful’. Next came a decade of de-Frodification, in which Wood progressively ruptured the confines of family-friendly, big-budget fantasy, with smaller indie roles: the nerdy pervert lab technician in a bizarre BBC Three comedy in which he played a suicidal loser ‘saved’ by his friendship with his neighbour’s dog who manifests to him as a bong-smoking Australian. By the time I really needed friends my own age, I had them.’ He lights another cigarette. At its best it’s an opportunity to create great art. At its worst it can destroy and bring out the worst in people.’Our conversation turns to Robin Williams, with whom Wood worked side by side when voicing ‘The death of Robin really shocked me.’ His eyes look like giant blue marbles for a second.

Jones’ remarkable performance as the philandering, attention-seeking, mollycoddled manchild poet is matched by Wood’s nuanced turn as a young man both disillusioned and profoundly altered by his initial five-day encounter with his hero. Born in Iowa to parents who ran a delicatessen, he was the middle child of the family, between his older brother Zach, now a film producer, and sister Hannah, an actor. There are so many ways to go wayward in this industry.’It was not until he was cast by Peter Jackson in trilogy, after sending in a homemade audition tape of himself running through the woods in a hired Hobbit costume, that Wood left home on his own for the first time and moved to Wellington, New Zealand, for the 16-month shoot.

It’s been just over 15 years since “Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” opened in theaters.

On Monday, five members of the fellowship — Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen), Legolas (Orlando Bloom), Merry (Dominic Monaghan), Frodo (Elijah Wood) and Pippin (Billy Boyd) — reunited for dinner, and took some epic photos.

Bloom even strikes an archer’s pose, a nod back to his elven character’s weapon of choice.

“They have a cave troll” read the caption, a quote that Boromir (Sean Bean) made in the first film.

co-star Billy Boyd at his wedding held at Oran Mor church in Glasgow, Scotland on Wednesday (December 29).

Billy, 42, wed his longtime girlfriend Ali Mc Kinnon, a ballet dancer and yoga instructor, in an intimate ceremony.

The caption, “my captain, my king” are Boromir’s dying words to Aragorn.

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