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Gerald won the square mile of land on which Tara was built in an all-night poker game.He named his new abode after the Hill of Tara back in his home country, the ancient seat of the High King of Ireland.That morning, he had filled in none of the solutions. Psychologists at the University of Buckingham have launched an investigation into what precisely is the peculiar combination of talents that goes into the make-up of proficient cryptic crossword solver It’s a great pity that Grandpa — prize-winning mathematician and classicist, international chess master, Chevalier du Tastevin (top wine buff, if you’re asking) and cruciverbalist extraordinaire — is no longer around.

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It’s not known what Julius Caesar actually said in real life just before he was assassinated on the steps of the Senate in Rome.

The Occupy movement is a protest directed against economic and social inequality worldwide.

Constructed by: Jake Braun Edited by: Rich Norris Quicklink to a complete list of today’s clues and answers Quicklink to comments Theme: Leading MLBers Each of today’s themed answers starts with the name of a Major League Baseball team player: Scarlett O’Hara’s home is the Tara plantation, in Margaret Mitchell’s “Gone with the Wind”.

Tara was founded not far from the Georgia city of Jonesboro by Scarlett’s father, Irish immigrant Gerald O’Hara.

Actress Julia Fiona Roberts was born on October 28, 1967, in Smyrna, Georgia, the youngest of three children and surrounded by creative individuals.

Her parents were both actors who ran a workshop for aspiring writers and performers until their divorce in 1971.In their relentless quest for the answers (and how good to know that, even in these austere times, there is still money available to keep our academics occupied in such useful work), Dr Friedlander and her team are conducting exhaustive tests on 750 volunteer cruciverbalists, good and not-so-good.To work out precisely what distinguishes the Mensas from the Densas, in this centenary year of the crossword’s invention, they are monitoring everything from their guinea pigs’ powers of memory to their physical reaction times, mental agility, motivation, obsessiveness, stubbornness and capacity to concentrate.Nor, though it grieves me to admit it, has intelligence.Indeed, as my own memory becomes worse and worse, and I become slower witted with every passing year, I find I get faster and faster at completing the grid.The New York Mets baseball team was founded in 1962 as a replacement for two teams that the city had lost, namely the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Giants.

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