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Graham Cluley runs his own award-winning computer security blog at https:// and is a veteran of the anti-virus industry having worked for a number of security companies since the early 1990s.

Compared to bricks-and-mortar retail, where it took more than a century to evolve from catalogs, boutiques, and haberdasheries to big box stores, online retail has seen a significant amount of innovation in a very short amount of time.

What follows are some of the benchmarks in e-tail — including some moments that may seem commonplace now, but nonetheless were important firsts in taking the internet from a way for hobbyists to connect, to the preferred method of shopping for hundreds of millions of people.

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A Sting CD, 1994 This depends on how you define “online,” and probably on how you define “purchase.” Students at Stanford and at MIT reportedly carried out a transaction for a small amount of marijuana over the ARPANET in the early ‘70s, but submitting payment online wasn’t possible yet.

Selling and swapping indirectly on closed-garden services like Compu Serve and AOL or on local bulletin boards (BBSes) were also options, and it seems like we’ve come full circle with the growth of peer-to-peer sale and swap groups on Facebook.The station decided to take a chance, putting Limbaugh on in what had been Morton Downey, Jr.'s time slot.His ratings were better than Downey's, putting Limbaugh's career back on track.His uncle, Stephen Limbaugh, was appointed federal judge by Ronald Reagan, and his cousin, Stephen Limbaugh Jr, was appointed to the U. He started in radio as a disc jockey on his home town's KGMO (part-owned by Limbaugh's father) while he was still in high school, using the on-air name "Rusty Sharpe." He dropped out of college, and eventually landed a job as a morning disc jockey at a small top-40 radio station in Mc Keesport, PA, near Pittsburgh.He quickly moved to a bigger station in Pittsburgh, where he worked as "Jeff Christie", and then to Kansas City, where he used his real name.However, what was the first transaction that actually looked like e-commerce as we know it today?

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