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I have sent nude pics of myself to him and he sent them to me too.

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I have only ever had anal sex"I currently have a boyfriend who knows I am a virgin and want to wait until marriage to have sex.

The only problem is that he does not know I have had anal sex with my ex a few times. He believes I have never had sex and he has been really supportive, waiting."2.

I masturbate to thoughts of him and I think of him when making love to my boyfriend."3.

My Man And I Regularly Have Threesomes"The first time, we tried it with a classmate of mine who my boyfriend was attracted to. After an awkward beginning where neither of us knew how to proceed, we really got into it and had a good time. A lot of girls were up for it, out of curiosity, I guess.

Women are not one to open up easily about sex, but that doesn't mean they don't have a few sexy secrets they would rather not talk about.

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I Have Phone Sex With My Boyfriend’s Best Friend"He is funny and kind.

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