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Edited by SWAN News Sex work is a relatively new phenomenon in Albania, dating from the early nineties.

According to some reports from Albanian police and juridical system, almost 70% of female sex workers in and from this country have been dragged into the business forcibly and/or by fraud, through marriages “for a better life” abroad.

Putting the gangster image aside, I found Tirana to be charming, the pace of life enjoyable, the people friendly and the girls worth getting to know.

I was in Tirana for a few days due to work, but I wished I had more time to spend to crack open its shell and find out what's inside.

The Penalty Code also punishes the following crimes: Services for sex workers: There exist social and psychological support, dissemination of condoms and other supply, training, legal support, Methadone Maintenance Therapy Treatment for those who are using drugs.

These services are sponsored by the Global Fund, SWAN and UNFPA.

After 1990s, several developments occurred: • Sharp socio-economic changes took place following the collapse of the communist regime.

A large number of families remained without the necessary economic means, in some cases suffering from extreme economic deprivation.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Fifty Shades Freed, Fifty (50) Shades of Grey - E.

Mention Albania to most people and they'll remember that the antagonists in the movie Taken were Albanian, or that they are a major source of drug trafficking in Europe.

Although the fight of the state against human trafficking has been more effective in the recent years, partly due to the better international cooperation with the specialized bodies in the receiving countries, human trafficking for sex work is still considered the most “lucrative” crime, and Albania became one of the traffic routes from ex Soviet Union countries towards Western Europe. Sex work is a free choice of those sex workers who engage in the business as a result of the very difficult economical situation in the country. The Penal Code anticipates a punishment varying from a simple fine up to three years of detention for persons practicing commercial sex.

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